The Best Life Insurance for Your Spouse

life insurance for spouse

There are points in life when priorities change.  Big life changes such as marriage, kids, empty nesters, or retirement.  

I know!

I look back on my priorities before getting married…it was all about me.  

Now with raising 3 boys- everything has changed.

I knew I needed life insurance to protect my wife and family financially and you do too.

Let’s talk about some life stages you may be in and when to think about life insurance.  

Also, I want to share with you the top 3 companies we turn to so you get the best life insurance for your spouse, or family. 

Just Married

It's no longer about YOU. Now you have a spouse, and maybe your first home. 

Empty Nesters

Maybe you relate to that empty nester and  the kids are grown and doing well and now you want to make sure your spouse is provided for and your debt/expenses are covered if there is a death.

Family protection

You start your family and want financial protection for them but don't want to spend a fortune. I know, kids are expensive enough.


You are retired and want to make sure your kids have financial resources to give you a special burial and to cover estate expenses.

Top 3 companies
we love to work with


Lincoln National

Pacific Life

Why these companies?

  • Offer competitive rates
  • Simplified underwriting process, can be lenient
  • A+ rated companies-strong financial security
  • At times no labs needed

Frequently asked questions

You pay the same- that’s a law.  We recommend using an agency/agent because you can shop around for the best rates. If you go directly to the companies site, they are only going to quote you THEIR fees- they may not have your best interest at heart.


Our commission is built into the cost of your policy.  You pay the same monthly/yearly premium whether you buy through us or the direct company.  Commissions are set per company.  If you go with us you will get the same policy at the same price as anywhere else.

We recommend a good staring point is your yearly income x 10.

You need to consider the cost of paying off your mortgage or debts.  Also, if you have a family, consider college costs and growing child expenses.

If retirement describes you, then look at the cost for a special burial.  Today, funeral expenses are typically 10K-50K.   Remember to also include any debts/estates taxes your family may be left with.

Absolutely!  When you begin the application or free quote process; that’s just a starting point.  Then, after you see samples rates you can adjust the coverage you need to best suit your needs and budget. Don’t worry!

The toughest part is just getting started; procrastination is often our worst enemy.  

It depends. It can be as quick as 1 day or may take 2-3m. The factors in this are your age/health.  The younger and healthier you are, the quicker it goes…but don’t be discouraged! That is where we excel and help as your guide.  Our team helps those that are older with medical conditions STILL get that great coverage they need.  We do it all the time!

We are a small business, proud that we have helped people like you for over 35 years.  

Arlington Greene Agency started in Dayton, Ohio and now we are running operations in Marietta, GA.  Don’t worry- we don’t have strong college football allegiances!

Just like you we are busy raising kids, weekends at sporting events with the family and trying to juggle life!

We are expert in this industry,  but more importantly we just love helping our clients. 

We strive to make everything easy for you:

  • You call- no crazy phone menus
  • You email- we respond quickly, often late at night or on weekends.
  • Send you updated emails on your application process
  • We help gather the records the insurance company requires.

We really want you as a client for life, and you will see that!

Family policies are not a great idea.  Sounds good, but trust us- your best policy is an individual one.  You can tailor it to your specific time frame or term and set policy amount.  If someone passes away, the beneficiary is easily paid. You will be glad you did it this way.

These questions on the “free quoter” help to give you a more specific sample of the rates for your age/health.  All these are standard questions; age, height, weight, smoking history.

We don’t want you to have sticker shock later.

You do have to be careful what personal information you share on-line.  When you chose a reputable agency like Arlington Greene though rest assured your information is safe-promise!

Our clients say

I started searching the web for the best life insurance and got so overwhelmed. I came across Arlington Greene and they explained all my options. They made it easy!
Jennifer L
School Teacher
Our kids are grown and I wanted my wife to have financial protection for the house, taxes and burial. I had a policy already for 20 years and it was about to expire. This time around wasn't as easy, mostly due to underwriting. The cost was quite a jump but Greg helped me shop around and we found a great company at a good price. Couldn't be more pleased. Thanks Greg and your team- everyone was so helpful.
Jim M
I had a lot of questions- Greg answered EVERY single email I sent..and quickly.
Matthew W.
Sherri and I spoke a ton- it took a bit of time to get all my medical records but we finally did it! Who you work with makes all the difference. This could have been such a chore but talking/emailing with Greg and Sherrie-such a pleasure. Thanks for helping me and my family.
Margaret T
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