Can I Get Life Insurance If I’m Obese?

Obesity is a ” BIG” deal! Many clients we talk to ask, ” can I get life insurance if I’m obese?” Of course!

Gone are the days of fearing you won’t be able to find coverage. You need a guide. At Arlington Greene Agency that is what we do best- helping those with medical conditions navigate their life insurance options. There is a plan for every budget.

Most people aren’t aware but there are a handful of life insurance companies who give more leniency to obesity. This allows you to look at a few choices and options and decide which is best for your budget and needs. One of the biggest mistakes clients can make is going directly to one life insurance site and applying for a policy- why? Because you are often going to overpay. The best way is to “shop” multiple companies- that’s what we help you do.

overweight and life insurance

What Life Insurance Should I Use If I‘m Overweight?

Some of our go-to companies include Prudential and Protective. We actually have relationships with dozens of life insurance companies but we have our favorites. The companies that offer the best rates, the quickest and easiest underwriting process- the most reputable companies. What can make finding coverage for overweight clients more challenging is often times if you are overweight you may also have hypertension or diabetes both of which can increase your life insurance premiums.

Want to know which life insurance is best if you’re overweight?

Term life insurance is often the best option for anyone with medical conditions including obesity. Also it’s a great option in general if you have children or other dependents who rely on your income for support. It’s the least expensive type of life insurance- allowing you to get adequate coverage for small yearly premiums. Term insurance covers you for a set number of years, or “term” like (10, 20 or 30 years). Term life can provide basic protection for a family if the main breadwinner passes. This means peace of mind your family will not loose everything if you something unexpected happened to you.

While term life insurance is the most common, sometimes our clients what to learn more about permanent life insurance. Permanent lasts your whole life, it costs more-sometimes significantly more, but often comes with more flexibility. For instance, some policies can offer a cash value option you can with-drawl loans from while alive (these are paid back after your death, against the policy). You can sometimes earn interest on your premiums. A permanent policy may be a bit more complex than Term insurance but has it’s pros/cons. Lastly, unlike term insurance it guarantees a death benefit pay out.

Family protected with life insurance

Sleep Easy Knowing Your Family Has A Safety Net!

Many sites promote “life insurance instantly.” Just realize this is not often the case if you are obese. More commonly you will have to go through the “underwriting” process. What this means is that after selecting 1-2 life insurance companies that fit your budget and needs then those companies will request your medical records to review. This is their way of making sure your health matches your application- risk/benefit decision on their part. Sometimes this process can take several weeks, that’s why you want to have a guide like Arlington Greene Agency who understands this process and helps stay on-top of things. We work with the underwriters to make sure they have what they need, and follow up if the process seems to be dragging. Often these on-line life insurance agencies don’t offer this type of personal attention. That’s why we have clients return to use over and over for their life insurance needs. We are there to the end!

After the underwriters review your medical records they will come to you with a FINAL offer of premiums or cost. You will review this offer and if you agree, send in your 1st premium payment to the company and instantly you have coverage.

Remember though- you must pay the premiums as planned or you risk defaulting or lapsing the policy. This means you would have no coverage.

Life insurance companies will offer you payment options; monthly, quarterly, yearly- often offering discounts for yearly payment.

Curious about how much life insurance you really need, Click here to try our free life insurance calculator!

Family protected with life insurance

Take Away Points!

  • If you are obese or overweight, life insurance is still easily available but best to have a guide on your side. Avoid going to a specific life insurance site and applying- you risk paying way too much for a similar policy. Shopping around is your best options. Arlington Greene Agency knows which A+ rated companies will offer you the best options with the easiest underwriting process. Your expert guide.
  • Don’t get discouraged. There is a policy out there for EVERY budget and need. Some life insurance is better than none. Trust us, if something were to happen to you, your family will be so thankful you cared for them enough to make sure they weren’t left homeless and broke. Let’s look at your options.  
  •  You will most certainly have to go through the underwriting process- but we are here to navigate it with you. This is what we do best, helping clients overweight and with medical conditions get life insurance coverage. It’s easy to get someone young and healthy a policy, but we love helping those who need a bit more help. Once you decide what policy would fit your needs, we help keep the process on task. Understand that often the process can take a few weeks up to a few months. Don’t get discouraged, this is normal.
  • After you get your final offer from the company, decide what payment plan is best for you. It’s typical to get offered monthly premium payments, quarterly or yearly. The yearly options often will be discounted. You make payments directly to the company, not us.
  • After that premium is paid, you are covered instantly. What a relief to know that your family will be protected if something unexpected were to happen. Just remember to keep those premiums up, if you fail to make a payment you risk lapsing the policy. If your policy lapses you have NO COVERAGE. You have to go through the whole process again.
  • We want you as a client for life. Realize that over the years your life insurance needs may change. You may have more children, or realize that you need more coverage. All you have to do is reach out to us and we start shopping around again for a better policy for your new needs. Our return clients is what has kept us successful all these years. Clients trust us, they love our style and we are here to answer all you questions. Gone are the impersonal “on-line” relationships. This is important and you need someone you can depend on who cares.
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Ready To Get Started? Call Arlington Greene Agency Today!

Getting started TODAY is always the best option. You don’t know if your health will change overnight. Start by looking at your options, then go from there. No obligation from us, NO high pressure sales. We earn commission after the policy placement from the company just like every other life insurance agent out there. 

At Arlington Greene Agency, we have experts in the life insurance field who are ready to help you avoid these hurdles. We offer all the same policies that you would find going directly through a specific insurance company, but we can help you find the right coverage at the best rates by comparing them side-by-side. As a small, family-owned business, our goal is to provide the best service to all our clients. No matter which policy you decide to go with, our team can help curate a plan just for you—guiding your family into securing your financial future! Don’t just believe us… see all our 5 star reviews!

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