Common Health Risks

The biggest Life Insurance deterrent for individuals is a medical exam and the fear of getting denied. Most individuals have had a health condition at a some point in time.

The approval method of Life Insurance is changing. In some cases, you may receive an instant approval or denial, based on your health condition history.

This does not mean that you will be unable to purchase Life Insurance if you have had or have a health condition, it may simply take a bit more work – or the help of a professional to guide you.

Common Health Risks

High blood pressure

High blood pressure (hypertension) is very common however it can lead to other, more serious conditions if it is not properly managed. Examples of these conditions would be heart attack, stroke, kidney damage and coronary/peripheral artery disease.

High cholesterol

If you have a high cholesterol reading this can potentially lead to more serious conditions. High cholesterol causes a build up of fatty deposits in your blood vessels that can restrict the flow of blood to your heart and your brain. This can in turn lead to an increased risk of heart attack or stroke.


Anxiety is becoming increasingly common and, if not managed correctly, it can pose a risk of other health conditions. Examples of this would be depression, substance abuse and insomnia.


Obesity currently affects more than 33% of Americans and can exacerbate and cause many other conditions. The heart will be under increased stress for example, as will the joints and muscles.

Type 2 Diabetes

Adult onset Diabetes in particular, can lead to a range of health issues. Type 2 Diabetes can have potentially life threatening complications that may include renal failure, artery disease and vascular disease. It is imperative that this type of diabetes is well managed.

Sleep Apnea/sleep related conditions

Although Sleep Apnea can often be overlooked, it can be potentially life threatening. During a cycle of sleep, a person suffering from Sleep Apnea will typically stop breathing for a few seconds, which can lead to numerous health risks. With this and other sleep related conditions, the tiredness alone can place a person at increased risk of accident, injury and disease.


Asthma is a common respiratory disease that causes a persons lungs and airways to constrict causing a tight chest and difficulty in breathing. A wide range of treatments are available, however the potential for this condition to become serious, should not be underestimated.

Acid Reflux

Despite being common, Acid Reflux can occasionally lead to ulcers and potentially cancer. As a condition alone it can relatively easily be treated, however it does need to be monitored and properly managed.

Organ transplants

Some organ transplants are more commonplace than others, however consideration must be given to the underlying condition that necessitated the transplant in the first place. Recovery from the surgery itself must also be taken into account and as should any long-term health problems or associated risks.


With regards to Life Insurance, a pre-existing diagnosis of cancer will require careful consideration. With so many different types of cancer however, along with an improvement in medical knowledge and treatment, it does not automatically exclude a person from obtaining life insurance coverage.