diabetes and life insurance

Diabetes and Life Insurance;
3 Facts To Know Before Shopping Rates!

You need a life insurance policy but have diabetes.  I know what you think.

You think you are probably going to have to go through a lot of red tape…then pay high premiums!


It’s true, you will have higher premiums if you have diabetes but don’t let that deter you completely.


We have some facts/guides to share with you on diabetes and life insurance that will help you lock in a policy you can afford.


You’re so smart to think about protecting those you love most.


Let us help guide you to the best companies and rates!

Number 1

What Insurance Companies Look At

diabetes and weight for life insurance
Your Weight

Specifically your BMI or Body Mass Index. This number is a measure of body fat based on height and weight.

Hgb A1c and diabetes
Hemoglobin A1c

This is a common blood test that looks at your glucose levels over a period of 3 months. Your platelets last approxomitelay 90 days and so they are able to get an "average" reading of your glucose levels during that time. Typically they want to see A1c level < 7%.

blood pressure and life insurance
Your Blood Pressure

Make sure your blood pressure is under control. Typically, insurance companies are looking for regular BP readings of 140/80 or less. If you take blood pressure medication, make sure you are taking enough to control your readings.

smoking and diabetes

This is huge!! If you are a smoker you WILL pay much more for life insurance. Please try to quit both for your overall health and to get the best rates on a life insurance policy. Even cigars and sometimes marijuana can increase your rates. Always remember to be honest- if you smoke and don't disclose it, you could risk having your policy NOT pay out if you die.

Number 2

Diabetes and Life Insurance:
Best Companies


1. Quick turn around time- you get your policy sooner
2. Top rated company so you know your policy will pay out if needed
3. Competitive premiums
4. Our clients always get amazing customer service


1. One of the best insurance companies out there
2. Prompt in underwriting so you get your policy sooner
3. Often get more policy for your money
4. Rates often trump other companies

Banner Life

1. Great to work with for underwriting
2. Offer competitive rates
3. More lenient on blood glucose levels and weight
4. Top rated company

"If you’ve ever been declined coverage in the past by a life insurance company because of your diabetes diagnosis, don’t assume that you can’t get a quality life insurance policy. There are plenty of options that will give you the life insurance coverage that you want, without breaking your bank every month."

Number 3


Is a term policy best

Most affordable.

Have a policy for set “term” typically 10, 15, 20 years.

Most common policy sold.

Is it best to wait till my a1c comes down

We advise our clients to get a policy now.  

You never know what the future holds and sometimes other medical conditions pop up and will make your policy MORE expensive.

What we suggest is to get a policy now- then if you loose weight, get your BP and glucose levels even better…we will help you shop rates/companies AGAIN.  

We do it all the time.

Doesn’t cost you anything to go back through the process, you won’t be obligated or penalized for re-shopping rates.

Is a whole life policy best

These polices are in effect till you die.

More expensive.

Often used for estate planning purposes such as to cover estate taxes or for generational wealth gifts.

Offer cash options/borrowing against the policy while alive.

Is a no medical exam or instant policy best

Honestly, these type of policies are best for those young, with no medical problems.  In our experience, if you purchase one of these quick policies you end up paying more.  

Think about it; the insurance company has to weigh out their risk of covering you so if they don’t have all your medical info/exam to review… then they have to calculate that risk.

If we help our clients spend a bit more time gathering medical records and having an in-home simple medical exam-in the long run they can save thousands.  Takes some extra effort but you save in the end.

Remember- you pay your premiums monthly/quarterly/yearly…and that adds up over the term of the policy.

Get the best policy you can from the start.

Will I pay more if I use insulin

The companies look closer at your glucose levels and if you are controlling your diabetes well vs what medications you have to take to get there.  


The best way to save money on policy premiums is to make sure your hemoglobin A1c level is normal.

will I save money going directly through the life insurance company

You can get a policy directly through the company but we don’t advise it.  


By going directly through the company you are not “shopping around” for the best deal.  Maybe you just HAVE to use Prudential because that’s who you know and trust- well, you might be limiting yourself.  Often times we can help get you a BIGGER policy for LESS premium by shopping other great companies.

Why Choose Us

We are just like you.  

We run a business/employed.  We have a family and 3 boys we are raising.  

Juggling a million things with work, school, sports, church, HOA responsibilities all while enjoying life with dear friend and family nearby.  

We get it- we have our family protected with a life insurance policy and because we know all the ends and outs of the industry, we want to be your guide.  

We don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. Let us show and teach you everything we know so you can protect what you love most.

Our small business has helped thousands of clients over the decades.  Arlington Greene Agency has remained a family business and is a name you can trust.  

Friendly, quick to respond, knowledgable…

your best interest-ALWAYS.

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