Have Diabetes and Need Life Insurance?

How Much Coverage Do You Really Need?

We get asked all the time;

“how much life insurance do I need if I have diabetes?”

So today we are going to go through some simple questions we use to help our clients decide how much coverage they really need!

You may have heard things such as…

  1. What is your yearly income?
  2. How much is left on your mortgage?
  3. What debts do you still owe?

All these questions are important but we’re going to walk you through OUR process and even provide you a calculator to make is SO EASY for you to get started.

You have a guide now.


Insurance can seem daunting and overwhelming but because we know all the in’s and out’s of the industry- we want to share our secrets with you.

Let’s get started…


Income replacement

Think about your yearly income and consider if your family would need more or less to continue their current living status. Typically we suggest planning for 70% of your income. ex: If you make $100,000 in a year, we start with $70,000

How many years/term length

Next we talk about how many years of your income your family will need. If you have young children and need to plan for schooling and college you probably need to consider 20 years of your income. You want to cover expenses till your children are grown and out of the house. If you have teenagers, maybe you only need to plan for 10 years of your income.

Do you have debts you would like to pay off

We recommend you consider debts; such as mortgage or student loans you would want taken care of. Also consider credit card balances or car loans.

How many children do you support

While you are smart about planning for your families future, consider also what college or trade school may cost once your children reach that age. Maybe they are entrepreneur minded and with your policy you can help fund your child's dream job. Also consider sports, maybe they are on a traveling baseball or gymnastic team. Help continue to support their athletic dreams too.

Adding up quick?...just a few more

Just A Few More...

Do you currently have a life insurance policy

Maybe you purchased a policy after you were first married but now have kids and need more coverage. Often times you have some life insurance through work. We recommend taking these all into consideration. Please remember though- if you have a policy through your employer and you leave the company, your policy often expires. We always recommend you have your own policy as well. Think of your policy through work as "extra."


Consider how much you have in savings and investments. This will also help support your family so we add this into the calculation.

Final calculation

Will all these questions answered you have a great place to start when you begin shopping for the right policy for your needs and budget. In conclusion, we have covered 4 main things: living expenses debts education savings and insurance


“Everybody needs a different amount of life insurance based on their individual situation. But it basically comes down to how much money your loved ones would need to remain on firm financial ground if your earnings were no longer in the picture.”


Want to make it even easier

Answer this one question

What is your early income? income x 10 = policy amount This method doesn't account for every detail but it gets the job done! 9/10 times... it's very close to your calculated needs.

You did it!!!

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You’re already half way there!

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