life insurance for your spouse online

Easiest Way To Get Life Insurance For Your Spouse- ALL ON-LINE!

Did you know that by having life insurance for your spouse you protect yourself and family from:

Loosing Your Home

With a life insurance policy you have home protection or money to pay the mortgage

Children Forced To Move Schools

A policy would help insure your children can continue private schooling or higher education


Bills will be hard to pay, a policy provides the funds to continue the life you are accustomed too.

No Money For Burial

Funerals today cost $10-$50K. You don’t want to be the next “go-fund-me” campaign. A life insurance policy with help bury your loved one with class.

Child Care Issues

A policy would help cover costs of daycare or in-home care for young children.

Delay In Retirement

Maybe you were saving for a great retirement and now those dreams are crushed. A policy will fulfill those dreams despite your terrible loss.

Consider these points:

Life insurance can seem overwhelming!  You have lots of options out there but let me give you some advice on navigating it.

In todays world it’s easy to get a life insurance policy on-line but consider these points;

  • Make sure you understand which type of policy you want; Term (most common) or Permanent.
  • Don’t go directly through a specific insurance company such as Prudential or TransAmerica.  You’ll find better deals if you use an independent agent on-line who can shop around.  This is what we offer here at Arlington Greene Agency.
  • No Medical Exam is awesome- but sometimes going through those extra steps can save you tons of money in the long run. Consider all your options.
  • Laddering insurance (having multiple smaller policies) is always an option but sometimes you end up spending more than you need to. 

“If you’re younger, please learn from my mistake. The best age to get life insurance is around 30. And the best term duration to get at age 30 is 30 years. At this age, it’s like locking in a 30-year fixed mortgage at an all-time low. Life tends to get much more complicated after 30.”

-Financial Samurai

Let’s get started ON-LINE…

I recommend starting with a policy amount.  There are “life insurance calculators” out there but here is the untold secret we use;  take your income and multiply it by 10. That’s a good starting point.

example: $100,000/year income you need $1 million dollar policy

100,000 (income) x 10= 1,000,000

Next, visit our Free Quoter.

There will be some health questions to answer which is simply to help better gauge your premiums. These are standard questions ALL life insurance companies ask- your info is safe with us.

Finally, after completing that you will be shown multiple companies and premiums to consider.  

Please note that some are “no-exam or instant issue” policies and others “may require exam.”

Some policies with note “preferred.”  That means you are being offered the best rates.  Insurance companies have “classes” to denote your risk.

  • Preferred Plus
  • Preferred
  • Standard
  • Tabled

These are the most common classes. Policies are more expensive the higher risk you are based on your age/health.

Say you find a policy you like,  you can fill out your info on-line.   Within a matter of minutes have the coverage you need. REALLY!


If you find you still have questions or want to “shop” around some more, you can simple change your coverage amount/term length and see what those premiums look like. It’s all on-line!

You have all the control.

Rest assured- the companies we represent and have relationships with are all reputable insurance companies.  We want you as a client for life-you matter to us.

You can know that you are always in good hands and your policy will always pay out if needed.

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