Instant Issue Life Insurance; FAST!

You decide you need life insurance..FAST! 

Is instant issues life insurance right for you?


We have clients that call us and want a policy to help cover their family or business assets but don’t want all the hassle of;

  • Getting medical records
  • Setting up an exam
  • Blood draws
  • Urine tests

Instant issue life insurance may be right for you.

But remember, if you have medical conditions this may not be your best option.

Lets do a quick review…

instant issues life insurance and medical problems

No medical exam?

That’s right, NO medical exam.


Of course this is the number one appeal.  

Policies like this are a traditional Term life policy and are ideal for:


  • Someone in excellent health 
  • age <40 y/o
  • No waiting period- you need coverage QUICK- often takes minuets
  • Minimal cost difference, sometime less expensive
  • All done online, or by phone
  • Offers same coverage amounts- up to millions if needed
  • Same term limits; 10, 15, 20 year

Isn't this the same thing as guaranteed issue life insurance?

NO- not at all

A guaranteed issue policy is a permanent life policy designed to help cover those 60y and over.

These policies are perfect for planning end of life/burial cost.

Often a smaller policy $10K- $50K

If you are looking to protect your family if a loss occurs you are often looking for a policy to cover 10x your income- a much bigger policy is needed.  

How much life insurance for diabetes

Are these policies more expensive?



You can usually plan on paying 10%-35% more for an instant issue life insurance policy.


That’s because there is a bit more risk the insurance companies take on.  They relay solely on the information you send in.


Remember though, there are some companies/policies that end up being almost the same price.


Lastly- always be honest when applying for these policies.  There is typically a 2 year contestability period.  If you die and the insurance company finds out you were not completely truthful on your application- you risk your claim being denied and your family gets nothing!


What if I apply and get denied?

Always a possibility- but you don’t know if you don’t try. 


It doesn’t affect your chances of getting a traditional Term policy.


No harm in shopping rates and options.


You may be denied but we can always look at a Term/Permanent policy.  Often they end up providing more coverage for your needs; you end up better off.


In fact, this is where we come in.  Our agents do this all day long- if an instant issue policy isn’t the best fit for you we shop around for the best deal for you.


We know you’re very busy- let us do the hard work.  We ALWAYS have your best interest in mind.




Because we want you to be our client for life!

If denied an instant issues policy- what next?

getting a million dollar life insurance policy

No worries…..

Let’s get started and look at a term life insurance policy that will fit your needs and budget.

Sure, a medical exam will likely be needed but they typically take less than 45min and is always at your convenience.

  • Our team helps get the medical information needed to the insurance company.
  • We stay on-top of the process.
  • We help you set up the exam.
  • We overnight your policy- so you have it quick.
  • Most importantly- we have a personable team to answer questions and emails quickly!

We want you as a client for life.

We want you very pleased with your policy and the process.

Take home...

  1. Instant issue life insurance policies are great for when you need quick coverage and are young and healthy
  2. Easy to do online or over the phone
  3. Policy approved often in minutes
  4. No medical exam 
  5. If denied, no worries- we will help you find the best policy and rates.  We are your personal shopper.

We know this has been on your “to-do list”…let us help you check it off.


Quick and easy!

Professionals turn to us-you should too!

Do you have <1min to answer a few quick questions online?
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