6 Pitfalls You Can Avoid by Having Life Insurance for Your Spouse

I want to play devils advocate here and walk you through 6 potential outcomes of not having life insurance for your spouse. Believe me, I don't like thinking about death either but it's the reality and I want YOU to be prepared for life unexpected. Let me guide you.

Life Insurance
for Your Spouse

6 Pitfalls You Can Avoid

Loosing Your Home

With a life insurance policy you have home protection

Children Have To Move Schools

A policy would help insure your children can continue private schooling or higher education


Bills will be hard to pay, a policy provides the funds to continue the life you are accustomed too.

No Money For Burial

Funerals today cost $10-$50K. You don't want to be the next "go-fund-me" campaign. A life insurance policy with help bury your loved one with class.

Child Care Issues

A policy would help cover costs of daycare or in-home care for young children.

Delay In Retirement

Maybe you were saving for a great retirement and now those dreams are crushed. A policy will fulfill those dreams despite your terrible loss.

"Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today."
protect your family with life insurance
Benjamin Franklin

Planning for tomorrow is our goal!

I remember thinking what a waste of money to spend $30/m on life insurance that most likely I will never use.  But the reality is, sometimes bad things happen.  I think back to family members with cancer, co-workers that got “bad news” and tragic unforeseen accidents.  These folks had families dependent on them.

It was hard enough going through a huge loss but then to have to come to grips with the aftermath….it’s all avoidable.  Term Life insurance for your spouse is the answer.

Let us guide you through the process.  We help those that are young and healthy get policies they can afford, and those who are older with health issues too-everyone can find the protection they need.  

Get a quick sample quote- the questions are only to give you a more exact dollar amount for a policy- your info is never shared.  We can work together to shop for better rates if needed.

We have our family protected.  We want the same for you.

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