Married with Kids? 3 Things you need and
Life Insurance is ONE!

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life insurance for your spouse and family

Life gets so busy after you start a family-it did for me. I want to insure that you have your family protected if something terrible happens.

I am biased of course to say that life insurance is so important. It's what I know and do! Truly though, having a term life insurance policy has to be one of the top things you need as a growing family!

What do I mean?

I mean…If something terrible happens and you pass away unexpectedly, how will your family survive without your income and support?  


Let’s look at these important things you need.  These are probably not NEW recommendations but maybe you have been putting them off and NOW is the time to take action.

I have a wife and 3 kids and it wasn’t until recently I sat down and finished all 3 things for my family.


So, let’s review and see what you have left to cross off your list!

3 Things You Must Have


life insurance for family

Life Insurance

Financial protection for your family if you were to die

life insurance quote

A Will

Insuring your children will be raised in the environment you want, with whom you choose

retirement fund

Retirement Fund

The sooner you start the more you will have-compound interest

While wills and retirement funds are not my line of work I will say that they are also easy to do/start. The first will I did was on-line. When it comes to retirement funds- I use an expert for that and you should to.

Life Insurance Stats for the Last 3 Years

Percentage of families that own life insurance.

46% of families in 2020 did not have protection in the event of a death.

How will they;

  • Pay the mortgage
  • continue private schooling or high education
  • continue extra curricular activities for their kids
  • purchase a car for teenagers
  • pay for weddings


These are all avoidable if you have planned ahead and purchased a term life insurance policy.


This will give you peace of mind.

Year 2020
Year 2019
Year 2018

Isn't life insurance expensive?

Often people think life insurance is more expensive than it is;

lets look at some rates.




$1 million policy

Healthy, non smoker

often can get

a policy online in a day




$1 million Policy

It’s best to get life insurance young.  As you age the policies get more expensive but as you can see it’s still less than filling up your gas tank.




$1 Million Policy

At this stage you are often thinking about estate taxes and wealth transfer.   More expensive at this stage, but remember- big pay out in the end.

Remind me; how does life insurance work?

  • You pay the monthly/yearly premium, you decide what pay schedule you prefer
  • In the event of your death, the life insurance company pays your beneficiary or person you have designated, the policy amount
  • For example; if you have a $1 million dollar policy, the company will pay out that amount in one lump sum.  The best thing to do then is to invest this money for long future returns.
  • What if I miss a premium payment? There is often some grace period offered by companies but you don’t every want to miss a payment.
  • If my policy lapses do I get anything? NO, you don’t want it to lapse.
  • How long does it take to get the payout; the insurance company will require appropriate paperwork but can be paid out in as little as a week.

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