New Years life insurance to do list

Don't Start The New Year Off
Without These 3 Things
On Your To-Do List

Number #1

Buy a life insurance policy!

You love your dear family!  Don’t wait another moment before protecting them with life insurance; for yourself and your spouse.  

We all think we will live forever but the truth is that unexpected things happen.  The best time to get life insurance is when you are young and healthy. 

  • Cheaper
  • Often requires no exam
  • Can get a quick policy often in 1 day.


Think about this…you have home, car and often times even phone insurance  but don’t leave your family at risk of losing everything; get life insurance. 

life insurance for family

Number #2

Make a Will!

I may be an expert in life and personal insurance but would be remiss if I didn’t include having a WILL.


If you have gone through the loss of a loved one you may already know how vital a will can be.  If you have children and assets please make sure your wishes are known.  Don’t leave important things like your children or home to chance.


Our first Will we did on-line.  It took only an hour or so and cost less $100.  Worth every penny.

a will for your family

Number #3

A vacation planned for your family!

You’re surprised this is on the list?

Life is short and making memories counts.


Make sure you carve out time in your busy schedule to take a trip with you spouse and kids.


There’s a lot of things I don’t remember while growing up but our family trips together always bring back happy times of being together.

family vacation

"Without the right life insurance policy, your family could be left in a difficult financial position if anything happened to you. Luckily, you can quickly update your life insurance coverage."

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