Life Insurance With Sleep Apnea;
You Can Still Get Great Rates!

Sleep apnea is so common!


Don’t we all know someone who has it and wears a CPAP?


Here at Arlington Greene Agency we get asked all the time, “I’m worried I won’t get great life insurance rates if I have sleep apnea?” 

sleep apnea and life insurance


Most often clients tell us they have a machine but hate wearing it!


We get it.

No worries, we’ve helped insure hundreds of clients just like YOU with this same condition. We can help you too.


You’ve come to the right place.


Let’s review a few easy steps to get started.

Get Started: basics on sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is an abnormal breathing condition while asleep.  

It affects more than 20 million Americans.

The hallmark to the condition is you  have long pauses in your breathing pattern which causes your oxygen level to drop.

Often times people believe that it’s diagnosed with loud snoring, or maybe your sleeping partner hears you stop breathing for a period.

Sleep apnea is diagnosed during a “sleep study.”  While you sleep your oxygen level and breathing pattern is monitored.  

It used to be a complex test done in a doctors office type setting but now you can do it from home.  

life insurance with sleep apnea

If indeed you have sleep apnea, the treatment is often a CPAP machine.  CPAP stands for; continues positive airway pressure.

If left untreated it puts you at risk for;

So you can see.  Having sleep apnea can cause serious health conditions and therefore increase your life insurance rates.  

Let’s talk about some key things life insurance companies look for.

What do life insurance companies look for with sleep apnea;


Have you gone through the proper testing for sleep apnea?
Insurance companies will want to see your most recent test results.


Are you following the prescribed treatment course: CPAP machine
weight loss
adjusting sleep position

Treatment Helping?

Is your blood pressure stable
weight loss
blood glucose levels on track
less fatigued

What other factors are taken into account?

Your weight:


Your blood pressure:



smoking and diabetes

What are the best life insurance companies for sleep apnea

Buying life insurance is similar to buying car insurance.


Each company looks at rates/conditions differently and premiums can range across the board.  That’s why shopping around for the best rates and coverage is the way to go.


You may pay more for life insurance if you’re a smoker, or have heart disease just like if you have a bad driving record or DUI you pay more for car insurance.


But don’t let this scare you.


We have relationships with all the best life insurance companies such as; Prudential, Transamerica, and Pacific Life.  

After reviewing some of your basic health stats, we will guide you to 2-3 companies that can offer you the best rates and coverage.


We’ve been helping clients like you for over 30 years.  We know the ends and outs of the underwriting process to make your decision easy.

You need a guide.

Maybe this is you...

  • I have sleep apnea but I wear my CPAP everynight! In fact, I can’t sleep without it now.  ….GREAT!  This is the best way to get the best rates.
  • I have a CPAP machine but it’s broken. I need to repair it.  …..That’s ok!  We can go ahead and get the ball rolling and look at rates.  Get that machine fixed though, it’s important for your health!
  • I have a CPAP machine but never use it- I hate it!  We feel you.  Did you know that they offer lots of new mask options here in 2022? Maybe it’s as simple as getting refitted.
  • I think I have sleep apnea.  My wife tells me I stop breathing at times while sleeping, but I haven’t been tested yet.  Let’s take a look at your rates and get started, we’ll help guide you.
sleep apnea and great rates

What's the bottom line?

Don’t let sleep apnea and the fear of high life insurance rates stop you from protecting what you love most. 



Spend 3 minutes of your time today and let us do the rest!

Get a quote today!!

No pressure, No obligation

We have helped clients just like you- and we can get you the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

You have come to the best.

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