Afraid of Overpaying
For Life Insurance
With Type II Diabetes;

Sidestep With These 5 Easy Steps!

Life insurance and type II diabetes

Getting Started

When my father-in-law was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes he was devastated.  He thought his glory days were over and now he was destined to medications, finger sticks and diets.


Well, some of that is true but he quickly found new things to enjoy and the fact that he has diabetes is just…not a big deal now.


Many people have diabetes and it’s wonderful all the new medical advances we have but sometimes it can feel like a roadblock when wanting life insurance.


We have clients come to us worried that they can’t get affordable coverage if they have diabetes.


Sometimes they have applied for a policy but been denied.


They went through the application process and the policy was too expensive; they just gave up.


We have seen and heard it all but let me tell you!  There IS a policy out there just for you.


Because we know all the ends and outs of getting life insurance with type I/II diabetes…let us be your expert guide.


We want to share with you our 5 easy steps!

Type II Diabetes and life insurance

5 Easy Steps To Getting Life Insurance With Diabetes

Procrastination can be your worst enemy.  We hear it all the time;

  1. I was waiting to loose weight.
  2. Need to get my hemoglobin A1c down first.
  3. I haven’t done all the diabetes preventative checks, I’ll do those first.



The point is, you need to start today shopping and applying for life insurance.  

No one knows what tomorrow will bring.


If you get a policy and then lose weight, or improve your A1c level we can ALWAYS re-shop rates and look for a better policy.  


We always advise to get some protection now for your family.



Did you know, you are never penalized for reshopping life insurance?  You never pay a dime to go through the process again.  

You have nothing to loose!

The next step is to decide how much coverage you need.

Visit our guide:

” Diabetes and Life Insurance; How Much Coverage Do You Really Need?”



Use our Calculator

OR, we can help guide you.

Call or set up a time to chat!

Once you know how much coverage you need, we can start to narrow down the best companies.

This is where we excel.  

Because we know all the ends and outs of life insurance we know what companies offer the best rates.

We have long standing relationships with these companies and will work on your behalf to close the deal.

Some of our go-to companies right now include;



Banner Life

Want to learn more?

We only work with top rated companies because that’s the only ones we want to.


Our clients are important to us, we are a small business and our success is rooted in the loyalty of our customers.  


You deserve the best and that’s what you get.

We know, this seems so painful.

Don’t worry, it’s easier now more than ever because everything is electronic.  

We also help track down records if needed.

Don’t worry, your medical information is confidential and private and we don’t go sifting through personal accounts.


We are your guide and if needed we want to help make this process seamless and easier on you.


By email, we will keep you posted on your policy underwriting.


Yes, this is the process the insurance companies take after receiving your medical records and exam.


They review everything in order to determine the final quote or price for your policy you are requesting.


Starting with a free quote often is a “ballpark” of the rates you are looking at.

Once your records have been reviewed then you will be presented with final numbers.

Ideally you get “final numbers” from a few companies and then get to choose which one best suits your needs.


The underwriting process can take a few weeks.  That’s why we stay on top of them and keep you updated on the timeline.

Medical exam?

We know what you are thinking but trust us, it’s easy.

It’s true, you can sometimes get a life insurance policy with diabetes on-line BUT…you most certainly will pay a premium.


Because the insurance company is taking a bigger risk not knowing all your medical history-that risk is passed on to you in higher premiums.

If you have diabetes and want life insurance the insurance companies you want to shop will want to have an independent exam done.


What this involves is a nurse aid will contact you to make an appointment at YOUR convenience.

The aid will come to you either at home or the office so that it’s easiest for you.

A short and simple exam will be done that includes:

  • height
  • weight
  • urine
  • blood
  • blood pressure


Often this takes less than 45min.

This information and results are sent to the lab and then results sent to you and the companies you are shopping rates with.


Along with your medical records these companies we are “shopping” will use this information to help determine your risk.

It’s easy!

"The future is unpredictable! If you had complete control of everything, life insurance would be useless, but that just isn’t the case. In this uncertain world life insurance might be the only thing able to take care of your family and final expenses if something awful were to happen."

In Conclusion

Don’t feel overwhelmed about this process. We are here to explain everything and help you through every step.


Heed our advise and start today, no obligations or pressure.


A free quote is a good place to start and then we can give you further advice on the next steps.


You have lots of options out there but trust that we will treat you like family and will get YOUR family the protection they deserve.  You won’t regret it.  The peace of mind you have knowing what you love most will be financially secure;


worth it all!

protect your family with life insurance