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Marijuana Use


Great Life Insurance Rates!

We get asked all the time, “I enjoy using marijuana, however, will it prevent me from getting great life insurance rates?”


We get it!…You want to protect your family financially, but also enjoy things in life.  In other words, some lifestyle choices you don’t want to give up! 

We can help you get great life insurance rates and still enjoy marijuana both for personal pleasure or if you need it for medical reasons.

Since we have helped 100’s of clients like you, we can help be your guide to getting the best rates.

Common forms of marijuana and what is THC

marijuana and life insurance
  • smoking; vape pens, pipes, bubblers, rolled joints and cigars
  • edible; oils used in cookies, cakes, gummies and chocolates.  Oils can also be used in sodas, energy drinks, teas and elixirs
  • sprays; flavored sprays for under your tongue or to spray on joints/blunts.  
  • tinctures; used in a solution of alcohol and placed under your tongue for fast acting effect

All forms contain the main chemical THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and the effect you get is based on the potency and strength of the THC.

THC can be detected in a blood test- the higher the level…the more often you use.

Life insurance companies often test for THC use during your medical exam to help determine your premiums or rates.

Different across insurance companies…

Insurance companies treat this topic so differently across the board.

Some companies will offer you higher premiums if you smoke marijuana vs other avenues of use such as edible versions.

Other companies consider smoking marijuana the same as smoking tobacco, in other words, often your premiums can be double those of a non- smoker.

But don’t get too discouraged…

With so many different forms of marijuana; smoking, edible, sprays and tinctures you need to know which life insurance companies offer the best rates. 

We use all the best A+ rated companies that offer great rates because we help get professionals like you covered all the time.  Let us help make it easy! 

We’ve already done all the research and we can be your guide.

3 things you need to consider

Rating system for marijuana use and life insurance

Rating System

Insurance companies use a rating system.  The higher your rating the less expensive your premiums, in other words, the cheaper your policy.

Common rating systems used by companies:

  • Preferred plus
  • Preferred
  • Standard plus
  • Standard
  • Table Rated


Smoking marijuana is often considered the same as smoking tobacco- I know, seems crazy given that nicotine and marijuana are so different, however, that is the reality.

Often tobacco rates are DOUBLE those of non-smokers.

Similarly, there is no difference between vaping, smoking a joint or bubbling.  It’s all considered smoking to insurance companies.

Marijuana use considered smoking


How often you use marijuana will also determine how much you pay in premiums.

Once a month is a lot different than 4-5 times a week.

Blood tests can determine the frequency of use by measuring the level of THC in your blood stream.  

So in other words- be honest on your application because the blood tests will tell the true story.

how often do you use marijuana

What if I lie on my application about marijuana use?

Lying/fibbing on your application is a NO, NO!

First of all if a medical exam is done the blood tests can detect THC in your system.  If you have lied on your application you may be DECLINED automatically. 

Insurance companies want you to be truthful.

Another issue to think about is what if you get your policy, you denied marijuana use, you passed your medical exam and then start back using marijuana.

During the first 2 years of your policy, if you were to die – the insurance company has the right to contest the death claim, and if you lied – this may result in your policy not being paid out and that would be terrible!

If you lie on your application – you risk loosing all your protection!

In conclusion…

  • smoking marijuana is often considered the same as smoking tobacco – rates can often be double.
  • edible marijuana is preferred over smoking it – better rates.
  • life insurance companies treat marijuana use different across companies – you can still get great rates.
  • medical exam blood tests will show how much THC you use – be honest on the application.  If you lie = you may be declined!
  • you can still get the coverage you need – we can help you navigate the process, we have helped 100’s of others.  
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