My husband died; how his million dollar life insurance policy saved me!

Our client Jane shared with us what it was like going through the loss of her husband and knowing she had financial protection.  She hoped she could encourage others to plan ahead. Let’s hear her story…

"You never like thinking about death-but Death happens"

Tom and I were married about 5 years before having children-we had 2 boys and a girl.  

Tom worked in sales and I worked in healthcare as a nurse.  After we started having children our financial advisor told us we HAD to get life insurance.  

We both had policies through work so we didn’t think about needing extra.


Tom took the advisors advice and purchased a $1 million dollar life insurance policy.  We went through a broker; Arlington Greene Agency who could shop rates easily for us.


People told us that we were smart to get the policy when we were in our 20’s and healthy.  Initially, we thought it was a waste but now I don’t know what I would have done without it.

million dollar life insurance policy if you have cancer

My sweet husband was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer at age 37.  We had growing children and in the prime of our life, it was devastating news.


Of course we sought the best of the best and Tom fought hard but in the end the cancer took over.

We lost Tom 3 years later.


Here I was, a widow, a mom with 3 children.  How was I going to get by?


Greg at Arlington Greene helped me get the paperwork needed to the life insurance company and within a few weeks I had the $1million dollars.  The policy amount Tom had bought a decade earlier.  

With that money we were able to give Tom a special funeral.


My financial advisor helped me invest the money in the stock market in order to guarantee a steady yearly income for the kids and I.


  • We were able to stay in our home
  • The children finished out in private schools 
  • Extra curricular actives continued
  • I was able to continue as a part-time nurse and still be home with the children.
  • When the kids were able to drive, I was able to help them afford a car
  • College was in the horizon and I had funds for that too
  • Vacations were enjoyed every year


I cannot even imagine the situation we would have been in had Tom not planned ahead.

Trust me, I remember thinking “why do we need life insurance?”

Life happens and I thank the Lord daily that he helped us plan ahead.

Thanks Jane for sharing your story

This is reality for so many families.

Don’t be caught unprepared.  Think about all the things we spend money on everyday…make life insurance a priority for your family.

We have insurance on our;

  • homes
  • cars
  • phones

Your family is the most important-insure their future is protected also!

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