Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy;
3 Easy Steps!

I have worked in life insurance for 20 years now and the MAGIC policy amount is……you guessed it, $1Million dollars!


It’s true


A milllion dollar policy is often all you need to protect your family if the unexpected happens.

But unless you are like me and grew up in insurance, many folks aren’t sure where to being.

Let me walk you through the 3 easy steps.

How much life insurance for diabetes

STEP 1: What type of coverage do you need; 2 options

  • Most Common
  • Most Affordable, Premiums never change
  • Set Year (Term) of Coverage; 5, 10, 20 years
  • Often Easy to Qualify; may not even need medical exam
  • No Built In Cash Value (see Permanent option)
  • Income Tax Free
Permanent/Whole Life
  • Permanent Life or sometime called Whole Life includes 3 types: Whole Life, Universal Life and Guaranteed Life
  • More Expensive
  • Lasts Your Whole Life (no term limit)
  • Premiums Can Fluctuate 
  • Built In Cash Value Options; you can borrow money against your policy.
  • Can Use for Estate Planning
  • Income Tax Free

STEP 2: Calculate How Much Coverage You Need

This step is simple:

Take your YEARLY INCOME and multiply it by 10= that number is what we typically recommend you get coverage for.

Example: $100,000/Year x 10= $1 Million dollar policy

                $350,000/Year x 10= $3.5 Million dollar policy

Basically the policy amount will cover your family financially if you were to die unexpectedly.  

  • covers your mortgage- so your family can stay in your home
  • private school/college
  • kids athletic sports
  • your funeral (how many times do you see Go-Fund Me requests for this!)
  • your families living expenses
  • time for your spouse to make a career change if needed.

” 2020 made us all realize the importance of being prepared for the unexpected.” the 50 year old said.


Quote from Anthony Anderson, (American actor as seen in Black-ish), in article written by Tomas Kassahun

STEP 3: Get A Quote and Apply!

This is often done during the same time.  Use our FREE QUOTER to get started.  No obligation.

You may not know this but different insurance companies offer different rates.  You can go to each company and apply which can be tedious or go through an agency life us.

We shop around for the best rates for you. With the TOP rated companies-we have business relationships with them already.

There are lots of agencies out there like ours, we specialize in high income earners with a down to earth approach.

We want you to be a client for life!

Wrap Up

  1. Term is often the way to go; gets you the coverage you need for the most affordable rates.  Protects your family from the unexpected.
  2. Don’t sell yourself short- often you think $1million is all you need but if you make over $100,000/year, you often need more.
  3. Free Term Quotes and policies are easy to get if you are young and healthy, however, if you don’t fall in that category you need a guide.  That’s where we excel and help you.


Don’t waste time searching for the best rates and companies.  We already know everything!  We are the experts, here to help you!  We have protection for our family… let us get protection for yours too.

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