Life Insurance Is Dull:
But Having A Million Dollar Policy Saves
You From Income Loss

million dollar life insurance

We get it…..no one gets excited thinking about life insurance. But having a million dollar life insurance policy, or any amount will help your family from sudden income loss.

It’s one of those “responsible” things you do as a parent, spouse, business owner or even adult child.

I do know that if we see someone go through a sudden loss and they have a life insurance policy to help protect them…we want to know we have that same peace of mind.

We don’t like to talk about needing life insurance with such doom and gloom but more like having life insurance for;

mortgage protection

college protection

lifestyle protection

business protection

Just as an example; having a million dollar life insurance policy can offer you that protection in case of sudden income loss.

Lets look at your options.

Term vs Whole Life or Permanent Policy

Whole/Permanent Life Insurance

  • No term- lasts your whole life
  • Costs more but then has options for cash payouts early, before death
  • No matter your health as you age, you have coverage
  • Can use these for estate taxes or generational wealth transfer

Term Life Insurance

  • Most common
  • Most affordable
  • 5-40 year term/policy length
  • No cash options

How Much Coverage Do I Need?

Simple;  we suggest you take your yearly income and multiply by 10.  This is often a starting point and then you look to see if this will cover your families needs.  

example:  $250,000/year x 10= $ 2.5 million dollar policy.


$80,000/year x 10= $800,000 policy 

This may seem like ALOT…or too little. Don’t worry, your needs are specific to you.  You may be just looking for a specific coverage amount to cover your mortgage, or children’s college expenses.  A term life insurance policy can do that for you.

Great! How Do I Get Started?

getting a million dollar life insurance policy

It’s Easy;

Start with a free quote– our quoter is so easy to use.  Type in some basic information such as your age, health status and you instantly get an idea of how much per month a policy would cost. 

Based on that amount it can help you decide if you need more or less coverage.

Specific insurance companies will post their rates and you can pick a certain company if you prefer or you can choose the least expensive.

But listen…you can always switch companies after you start the application process.  Also, you can change the policy amount down the road.   It’s easy.  We help you shop the best policy for your needs.

It doesn’t have to be dull and overwhelming, we help you through every step. 

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