Did He Have Life Insurance? How A Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy Can Save You!

Seriously, how many times have we seen “go-fund-me” requests for funeral expenses?

A funeral in 2021 can cost 10-50K…really!


I hate seeing these but can’t help but tell myself…they could have been prepared!  If they just had a life insurance policy, a million dollar policy would have made all the difference.  Just takes a bit of planning.


My wife and I have coverage..Term, and I want you to have the same protection for your family.


Avoid hearing, “did they have life insurance,” at your next funeral.

heart and life insurance

Term life insurance is the MOST common, most affordable life insurance to get to protect your family.


It’s always best to apply for this when young and healthy, the older you get…the more expensive.


I am 43 y/o and have a million dollar policy x 20 year team.  I pay $55/month.

There are tons of places to buy life insurance, we are one of them.  


An agent knows the best companies and rates for your age and health conditions.  You can shop yourself or just make 1 contact with us and we do all the leg work.


Costs you the same, maybe even less since we know who has the deals.


We are a small business but a successful one!  We know our clients and strive to have your business forever.


    • start with a free quote
    • decide how much coverage you need and can afford. Often we suggest you take your income yearly x 10= typical coverage amount.
    • remember, some coverage is better than none…just ask those who relied on “go-fund-me!” Of course $1million policy is enough for a lot of folks but even $350,000 policy can help float your family.
    • fill out an application, we shop rates for you and email you options.
    • we love working by email, text or phone- you decide! You can set up a time to talk!
    • usually a policy can be complete within 1 month.
    • yes, sometimes you need an in-home simple medical exam- but it’s quick and easy.  Not a big deal!
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