All The Steps
To Get A Million Dollar
Life Insurance Policy

You find yourself 28 years ago old….  you’re married now and about to have your first child!  How exciting and overwhelming at the same time.

In this stage of life you are thinking about all these adult things like putting together a WILL and looking into LIFE INSURANCE! You’re one of the smart ones planning ahead but not sure where to start when looking for a million dollar life insurance policy.


Guess what!….I was there too!


I had an agent-a guide back then that I trusted and it saved me tons of time researching,  AND I ended up getting a better policy at a better rate.


You need a guide like I had- that’s us!  We are here to help you.


Now as far as getting that WILL done..you need to find another expert for that!!!

million dollar life insurance policy for pilot

First thing you need to know;

What Type of Life Insurance Do I Want?

  • Most people choose term life for income protection.  We use the phrase “income protection” because that’s what it is.  If you die and you have a term life insurance policy then the insurance company pays your beneficiary, or family, the policy amount.  A million dollar policy, for example, will replace that lost income.
  • More Affordable
  • Often quick and easy to get.  If you are young and healthy you can often get a policy that same day.   See our Free Quoter
  • To learn more about term life, visit our article.
  • Whole/permanent life policies last your WHOLE life.  No “term limit”
  • Costs more but no matter the changes in you health over the decades the premium or costs stay the same
  • Has more options; such as cash value, dividends.  This means you can borrow cash against the policy if needed and also that you have an opportunity to make money if the company grows.
  • Often can be used for generational wealth- passing on a large amount of income after your death to your heirs.
  • To learn more about whole/permanent life, visit our article.

Some Common Life Insurance Lingo

Lets review some common phrases or lingo of the insurance world…

  1. Policy Holder- that would be YOU
  2. Beneficiary- the person you designate to get the policy payout after your death
  3. Underwriting- the process that insurance companies use to analyze their risk to insure you. Based on age/health.
  4. Premium- the amount you pay the insurance company for your policy each year.  You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  5. Medical Exam- sometimes insurance companies will require a medical exam prior to determining the cost to cover you.   A nurse aid comes to your home and does a simple screening; height, weight, urine sample, blood draw. Typically takes <30 min. and done at your best time and specified location.
  6. Default/Lapsed Policy- if you don’t pay the premiums on time, your policy can be canceled- you get nothing. 

Second thing you need to know,

How much life insurance for diabetes

How much coverage do you need?

A typical starting point is some quick and simple math.

You take your yearly income and multiple it by 10.

So for example; $100,000/year x 10= $ 1million dollars

We would suggest you look at getting a  one million dollar policy.  You may decide you need more or less….but this a good starting point.

Typically we tell our clients to consider that this policy would;

  • pay off the mortgage so your family can stay in their home
  • cover school/college expenses
  • pay for sports or extra curricular activities over the years
  • cover burial expenses- funerals can easily be $10,000
  • allow your family time to grieve without any financial concern or stress from day to day bills.

Third thing you need to know,

You need to choose a policy with a reputable insurance company.  Some common terms used: “A+ rating”

What this means is that this insurance company is in good standing financially.  For you, this means that if you die- you can count on them paying out the policy to your beneficiary.  

That’s pretty important!

If you choose to work with us- we only have relationships with the very best companies.  We won’t steer you wrong.

But, you have to be careful- sometimes you can get caught up with an agent with sale quotas-they may not have your best interest at heart.

Why work with us?

million dollar life insurance policy for family

You have a lot of choices- and there are tons of good agents out there.

We love to tell people we are a small business, a small FAMILY business since 1988.

Greg took over operations from his father Dave McAfee in 2015 and continues our client first approach.

We only have working relationships with the best rated companies.

No sales quotas- we really want you to be our client for LIFE.

You can reach us anytime by email or phone- and we will remember you by name.

We have life insurance policies ourselves- our family is protected and we want the same for you.

No pressure sales, No obligation.

Our team handles everything- because YOU ARE BUSY!!!

We just love what we do!


Don’t like talking on the phone…we get it!  We love email/text too and can get all your questions answered.


Fourth thing to know,

Let’s review the common steps to get started:

  1. Start with free quote, takes < 1 min.
  2. The free quote will give you some sample costs, or premiums and you can review specific companies you want to work with.
  3. Fill out an application- you can do it today, online
  4. Depending on your age and health we may need to request your medical records from your doctors.
  5. You may be asked to take an in-home medical exam.
  6. The underwriting process continues after this, then the insurance company will offer you their rates.
  7. We can shop different companies to get you the best deal.
  8. You decide which company/policy will fit your needs.
  9. You submit, or pay the premium.
  10. You receive your policy and your family is protected.

How long does this process take?

It can take 1 day or up to 1-3 months, it all depends on your health status and underwriting process. The younger and healthier you are…the quicker it goes.

But don’t let this discourage you…. In a perfect world you would get a policy when you are young with no health issues, but that’s not always the case.

That’s when you need a guide!  We know which companies to reach out to  based on your health condition.  Don’t be shy- we won’t judge you on your health stuff.  We have high blood pressure and would like to be skinnier also, we get it.  Life is busy and stressful.  But you need this!

Let us do the busy work in getting your medical records for review…sometimes this can be overwhelming.  We help the process stay on track, so no delays.  Let us advocate on your behalf.

Please,  don’t waste your precise time doing research, we already got this!

Final Thoughts

getting a million dollar life insurance policy
  • Start today! You will be so glad you didn’t wait another day.
  • Term life is the most common, start there.  If you have questions on your other options- we will go over those.
  • Don’t feel overwhelmed, it’s really quite easy to understand once you get started.
  • Use our site as a resource, we cover lots of FAQs and topics.
  • If you want to see some rates; use our free quoter, takes < 1 min.
  • Remember- We were in your shoes not so long ago, we’re the experts and here to be your guide.
  • We want you as our client….for life.
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