Need a million dollar life insurance policy but have hypertension? How we found the best deal for our recent client!

Need A Million Dollar Life Insurance Policy But Have Hypertension? How We Helped Our Recent Client Get Great Rates!

We recently had a 43y male with hypertension since he was 26!  It runs in his family.  He is not overweight and plays tennis everyday- if his wife lets him.

So when he went to get a million dollar term life insurance policy and saw the rates given his history of hypertension…He was shocked.

He almost decided he couldn’t afford it.

That’s when having an expert on your side can help. We always say..It’s easy to get a policy when you are young and healthy, but what if you aren’t?

Let us share with you our secrets on how to get that coverage- at a price you can afford.  You need a guide.

blood pressure and life insurance

Top 3 companies we look at first

  1. Banner
  2. Lincoln
  3. Pacific Life

These are all A+ rated companies- that’s a big question clients ask about.  It just means that these companies are in good financial standing.  You’re paying top dollar for your policy- you need to know that the company will pay out to your family if needed.  That’s what A+ rating essential means.


Banner life insurance company offers some of the most competitive rates for clients with health problems.  

Every company is different but for example if you have been diagnosed with a heart attack or hypertension in the last 2 years- you often pay higher premiums or rates with other companies.  Banner looks at these as chronic and doesn’t charge more.

You can get a policy with them for up to 40 years- that’s a long term policy in the insurance world.

Lincoln Financial Group

We look to this company because they often have better rates for our older clients with hypertension.  

Lincoln remains very competitive and are easy to work with all around.  The underwriting is quick- you can sometimes have a policy within a few weeks.

We have clients who use marijuana, and Lincoln has great rates for them also.

Pacific Life

We turn to Pacific Life because they often offer “preferred best” class rating if you have controlled high blood pressure.

Controlled is often classified as 135/85 but it also depends on your age.  They’re more lenient the older you are.

Their underwriting process is efficient and they continue to offer competitive rates for our clients- we use them a lot. 

"Life is already complicated enough. We often forget what we should do until after the fact. If you are around age 30, you should put getting life insurance on your to-do list."
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