Instant Issue Life Insurance Fast!

Instant Issue Life Insurance… FAST!

Is This the Best Option for You?

instant issue life insurance

Is Instant Issue Life Insurance the Right Choice?

Instant issue life insurance typically refers to policies that can be purchased online by those who qualify within a few minutes of getting a quote. It’s that easy!

At Arlington Greene, we have clients that call and want a quick policy to help cover their family or business assets without the hassle of:

  • Attaining and sending over medical records
  • Setting aside time to schedule a medical exam
  • Taking blood or urine tests

Instant issue life insurance may be right for you, however; if you have pre-existing medical conditions this may not be the most affordable option.

Still interested in more information? Lets do a quick review.

Instant Issue Life Insurance

NOPE! No medical exam is needed for instant issue life insurance.

Policies like this are ideal for:

  • Someone in excellent health, with no preexisting health conditions.
  • Under the age of 40 years old.
  • There is no waiting period and coverage often takes minutes.
  • There is a minimal cost difference and sometime less expensive.
  • Everything can be done online or via a quick phone call.
  • Offers the same coverage amounts up to millions if needed.
  • It has the same limits as term life insurance: 10, 15, or 20 years

If you have any more questions concerning medical constraints for instant life insurance, contact us today!

No, not at all.

A guaranteed issue policy is a type of whole life insurance policy that does allow you to waive health questions, however; it is a permanent life insurance policy designed to help those 60 years and over.

Instant life insurance policies are perfect for planning end of life and burial cost. You can name your beneficiaries immediately, proving invaluable when dealing with final expenses or other financial obligations after an individual passes away unexpectedly.

If you are looking to protect your family when a loss occurs, most are often looking for a policy to cover up to 10x your income, and a much bigger policy is needed. If you need help finding a policy, Contact Arlington Greene!

Typically they can be. You can plan on paying 10% to 35% more for an instant issue life insurance policy.

This happens because there is more risk that the insurance companies take on with an instant policy. They rely solely on the information you send in, and without a proper exam to confirm, they have more at risk.

Remember though, there are some insurance companies or specific policies that end up being almost the same price.

An important thing to note: always be honest when applying for these policies. There is typically a 2 year contestability period.

If you pass away and the insurance company finds out you were not completely truthful on your application, you risk your claim being denied!

instant issue life insurance

This is always a possibility, but you will never know until you try.

Another option is you can always look into an employer-provided plan. Take advantage of employer-offered group life insurance, which could be the easiest way to get coverage. Ideally, you may want a higher death benefit, but some coverage is better than no coverage! Remember, you may loose this policy if you leave your employer.

The good news is that it won’t effect your chances of getting a term life insurance policy! If one rejects you, you may have success with another policy.

In fact, that’s where we come in! You may be denied, but here at Arlington Greene, we can always look at term/permanent policy. They often end up providing more coverage for your needs, family and financial situation.

Our on-site agents are trained experts, and we deal with insurance questions all day. If an instant policy isn’t the best fit for you we shop around for the best deal for you. We know how busy you are an want to make this process easy and quick for all of our clients.

Here at Arlington Greene, we always have your best interest in mind because we want you as a client for life.

Don’t worry! You have other options and we are here to help.

Our team will get started by looking at a term life insurance policy that will fit your particular needs and budget.

Of course, a medical exam will likely be needed, but they typically take less than 45 minutes and is always at your convenience.

  • Our team acquires the needed medical information for the insurance company.
  • We stay on-top of the process, and help you set up the exam at your leisure.
  • Representatives are able to get you a policy overnight, so you have it at your disposal.
  • Most importantly, we are personally here for you throughout the process. The Arlington Greene team will be available whenever you need us. Plus, we answer questions and emails promptly!

We know how confusing life insurance can be, and we are here to make it as easy as possible!

Take home…

instant issue life insurance
Instant issue life insurance policies are great for when you need quick coverage and are;

– Young and healthy
-Easy to do online or over the phone
-Policy approved often in minutes
-No medical exam 

If you are denied, don’t worry! We will help you find the best policy and rates.  We are your personal shopper.

We know this has been on your
“to-do list” …let us help you check it off.

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If you have less than one minute to answer a few quick questions on line we can get you a free quote, today!

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