Permanent Life Insurance Policy Options: Indexed Universal, Whole and Guaranteed Universal Life
Quick guide to understanding each Policy type.

2 Types of Life Insurance: Term and Permanent

Let’s look at the different Permanent options.

Term life insurance is the most common and least expensive type of life insurance, however, a permanent life policy can offer you coverage FOREVER, along with savings opportunities.

There are 3 common types of permanent life insurance and let me help you understand each one.

First, know that all three offer life long coverage to either a specific age or until death.  One difference is how the cash-value component earns money.  

Let’s take a look.

Good information…but maybe I need a TERM life insurance policy instead.

Term life insurance is more common for sure, but sometimes a permanent policy can provide that forever coverage you are looking for.

Want to take a look at a custom TERM life policy premium and options?

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