Sleep Apnea & Life Insurance Underwriting: How To Get the Best Rates

Many people deal with sleep apnea, a sleep disorder characterized by changes in breathing during sleep. While having this can not only impact your overall health, it can also impact your ability to get life insurance coverage.

That’s why at Arlington Greene Agency we want to talk about the ends and outs of sleep apnea alongside the life insurance underwriting process. It’s important to get the coverage you need, so here’s what you can do to improve your rates. Let’s get started!

What are Sleep Apnea and Life Insurance Rates?

Previously, people who struggled with obesity were the primary population at risk for sleep apnea–but new discoveries in the medical community have determined that’s not always true.  

Sleep apnea is caused by repeated pauses in breathing during sleep. These ‘pauses’ notify your body that you aren’t breathing, causing rapid and occasional disturbances and little to no sleep at night. Multiple interruptions stop you from getting good sleep needed to conquer the next day. Other studies show that untreated sleep apnea can contribute to heart disease and diabetes, worsening conditions like COPD or asthma. Plus it can affect your GI tract, acid reflux and digestion track. 

Sounds overwhelming, doesn’t it?

When you are shopping for the best life insurance policy rates, it’s important to remember that  each company can rate you differently if you suffer from sleep apnea, with some even charging you more.This means unless you know the ends and outs of “underwriting rules” for each company–you risk paying more for the coverage you need. But not to worry! Here at Arlington Greene Agency, we specialize in finding the best rates for anyone and everyone. We have relationships with top-rated insurance companies and know who to turn to so we can help get you the best rates you deserve.


Tips to Get the Best Sleep Apnea and Life Insurance Rates

If you do have sleep apnea, the most important thing to note insurance-wise is: 

  • Are you being treated for it?  
  • Are you managing it daily? 
  • Are you under the care of a pulmonologist or sleep specialist? 

These questions will help show life insurance companies how serious you are about your health. Life insurance companies will often request your medical records. During their “review” or underwriting process, each company has a set of medical specialists who decide your health risk according to the coverage you are requesting. They go over medical records to see if you are being well managed. An example of this would be companies checking to see if you are compliant with your sleep apnea machine and if you showing signs of physical improvement with treatment.

Essentially, a life insurance company will check to see if your sleep apnea is controlled because good follow up with your medical providers is an important asset to insurance companies looking to invest in you. 

Lifestyle Changes for Sleep Apnea and Life Insurance Rates

Treating sleep apnea is important for improving your life insurance rates, but there are more conditions out there to consider such as obesity. If you can improve your weight, life insurance companies will count this as you choosing to be health conscious, helping your rates. Also, sometimes diabetics can save money by improving their glucose control. If you are able to work on getting your HbA1c blood test down below 7% this can improve your life insurance rates.  

Importance of Regular Check-Ups and Treatment Adherence

The importance of routine follow up will be examined during your application process. Often times our clients will have imaging studies done and “non-specific” findings are noted by the radiologist. Also, these open-ended findings must be followed up with in order for the life insurance company to determine the risk of coverage. This isn’t always a bad thing. On some occasions these follow up tests have found early cancer and saved people’s lives. With routine check-ups you can always stay on track with your health screenings!

Comparison Shopping of Life Insurance

One of the best reasons to use a life insurance agency like Arlington Greene is because we only sell top-rated companies. This means we shop all the top rated companies for our clients ahead of time and determine which will offer you the best policy for the cheapest rates. 

Here’s an example, say you have heard that XYZ insurance company is the BEST. You go to their website and apply for a life insurance policy. Maybe you have added a few medical details, family history that your mom had an MI at 45, or your dad had cancer at 61. That company reviews all your health records and quotes your price for their coverage. You may not know, but because of your family history XYZ insurance company will quote you higher rates for their coverage. 

Now, let’s say you come to us. We take that family history, and we know that XYZ insurance company is great, but they will only cover you under a “standard” rating because of your family history (in the insurance world “standard” is a type of rating that means you pay higher premiums). We know that ABC company is ok with your family history, plus a top rated life insurance company you can trust. They can offer you “preferred plus” which is the best rating you can get in the insurance world. What can this mean for you? You might be able to save hundreds even thousands of dollars over the course of your policy. You also would never know these little details without an insider guide like Arlington Greene Agency.

Is It More Expensive to Work with an Agency?

No. You actually don’t pay us anything, and we only earn commission after the placement of your life insurance policy—directly from the life insurance company. Our only goal is to have you as a client for life. Down the road if your insurance needs to change, and need help getting a new policy we are here for you! Our goal is always to get our clients the best rates and policy. Plus our clients work with us for decades, and you’ll love working with us too.

Securing Affordable Life Insurance Coverage with Arlington Greene

It’s important to understand that if you have sleep apnea this may affect your life insurance rates. Here at Arlington Greene Agency, we help you navigate and find the top-rated life insurance company that will give you the best rating and rates for your situation. Finding the best policy for you could mean hundreds if not thousands of dollars in savings over the life of your policy. We understand you’re busy living your life, so let us help you navigate the life insurance process alongside your sleep apnea.

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