Wealth Transfer Using a Life Insurance Policy

I know what your thinking…a life insurance policy? For wealth transfer?


Yes!.. Let me explain


Typically you think of getting a life insurance policy to protect your family or business if you die.  Also consider that it can be used to generate and transfer wealth onto your children/grandchildren after you are gone. 


What a legacy!


Let me guide you through how…

protect your family with life insurance

Life insurance policies are

Tax Avoidance!

The proceeds and dealth benefit are paid out tax free.  Not alot of other products out there can say that.  When estate planning, advisors often turn clients to a permanent/whole life insurance.

Clients often comment.. I will be gone, why would I care about taxes.

Let me give an example;

You are 55 years old and take out a $1 million dollar policy.  Your premiums over time add up to $100,000.  As you can see that is a good return for the investment you paid.  Now when you pass, your beneficiary gets the death benefit of $1 million.  

Normally with taxable income, $300,000 would go to taxes… but with these life insurance policies- your beneficiaries don’t pay this. 

More financial security for them, more money for their future!

You may be the first in your family to be financially successful- what a gift to leave generational wealth for your family.

Type Of Policy You Need

Take a look at permanent life policies.  These include; Universal and Whole Life 

– Not TERM.

These are the products that give you the lifetime guarantee.  Term policies have a set term limit.  Permanent life policies continue till your death.

We can help you decide which policy is right for you.

Wealth for generations!- Your family will be so thankful

We can help you get started- see your options

How old can I be to still get a policy?

Good question, the sooner the better!  

However if you are in your 60’s and in good health it’s not too late.


Many healthy seniors can get a policy fairly easy. 

In some cases there may just be a simple on-line questionnaire and if sufficient with no extensive underwriting needed, a policy is yours.


However, if you do have health conditions don’t pass on this just yet.  

That’s what makes our agency so outstanding- we help those “not so simple” clients get the coverage they need.


Any agency can help insure the “easy” clients.  We offer elite help to everyone and thrive at the challenge.


Let us show you how great we are.

Let’s get started-find out more

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